Overdue update…

//Overdue update…

Overdue update…

Morning, all.

First, THANK YOU for the just completely incredible support you guys have shown!  Special thanks to Fannin Mart Gluckstadt who hosted a Mike Medlock night last week and raised some funds donating a portion of sales for the evening.  So awesome!  Also, thank you to everyone who purchased a #teammikey t-shirt!  Folks will be reppin’ Mike strong all over!  We’ve submitted the order and will let everyone who purchased know when they are in.  The M & M golf tournament will be here before we know it!  Thanks to all who have registered to play in or sponsor this amazing event to benefit Mike!  There’s still time to play or sponsor…click Golf Outing from the top menu for deets.  It’s so hard for us to express just how much all the rallying and different support opportunities means to Mike!  He’s humbled and loved, no doubt.  We sincerely appreciate the strength of #teammikey!!

Speaking of the man, unfortunately he’s back in the hospital.  Thursday evening Mike didn’t feel great…in pain and spiked a fever…which warranted a visit to the ER.  They admitted him and he will be there until he is fever free.  Not entirely certain of the cause at this point.  Doctors think a good possibility is that it is his body’s reaction to the immunotherapy treatment (which he had on March 5th…photo below!).  His bloodwork remains clear so that is great news after the craziness of his last hospital stay fighting MRSA and sepsis.  He’s doing alright…not excited to be back in the hospital (who would be, right?) but knows that’s where he needs to be  right now as his body sorts these new immunotherapy meds out and/or whatever is causing the fever.

EDITED TO ADD: Mike’s tumor tested positive for MRSA growth…again.  Ugh.  It has not traveled to his blood stream, like last time, so that is positive!  Glad he’s at the hospital getting the care he needs, for sure.

One of us will try to update as anything new goes down or when he gets to go home again.  Until then, please keep him on your mind and in your prayers.  Thank you all, so much.


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  1. Julie Price March 11, 2018 at 5:19 pm - Reply

    Sorry to hear Mikey is back in the hospital. Praying for the MRSA to get discouraged and high-tail it outta there. I got busy with teaching and forgot to get my T-shirt order in! ARGHHHHH! If you happened to order extras, let me know. I can’t help but think about how much all the hospital personnel must instantly love Mike. Though I’m sure he would prefer they love him from afar! Like, when he’s back home!
    Still praying, still thinking of you all!

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