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July 2018

On a path of peaks and valleys…

By | July 19th, 2018|

#teammikey warriors, Late Monday night, Mike had what I will call an "episode".  He was incoherent, unable to speak, and kinda delirious (like he'd had a seizure or stroke, but he thankfully had not).  He was admitted to the ICU at the hospital that night.  They cultured his picc line to check for infection (which is pretty protocol).  He did test positive for c diff...not fun...which they have started treating.  The docs gave him a steroid shot for possible swelling on the brain as a cause of the incoherence.  They really weren't sure what was going on.  There was [...]

Keep on keepin’ on…

By | July 8th, 2018|

Howdy #teammikey warriors! I apologize for the LOOOONG overdue update!  Here goes... Mike is doing well!   I was in the 'Sip visiting last weekend and it was so so so super great to see Mike still rocking at home, getting stronger, getting up and about, eating, laughing... etcetera, etcetera (cue The King and I, movie buffs!).  He's been out of the hospital for over a month which is amazing given how up and down things were there for awhile.  He seems to be pretty steady right now.  Mike is still on the TPN bag, hopefully for just a [...]

June 2018

Short + Sweet…

By | June 10th, 2018|

Howdy #teammikey warriors! Quick update... I'm happy to report that Mike has been home from the hospital for a week!  He was discharged last Sunday morning!  I was grateful to be around to be able to help get him home  (Jenny's house) and settled before flying back to Indy.  He was elated to back with his stuff and Coop 🙂  He's feeling pretty good at this point - the TPN bag is helping keep nutrients flowing in to his system constantly, the nausea is fairly under control, he's hungry (WOOOT!!) and grazing on some real food throughout the day. [...]

May 2018

The Confounded Nausea Puzzle…

By | May 30th, 2018|

Alright, #teammikey.  Bear with me... Mike is back in the hospital.  The anti-nausea meds they put him on helped for a few days and he actually did get to eat a few slices of Monicals pizza!!!  Unfortunately, that didn't last long though and the nausea came creeping back in.  So, on the 21st we had him direct admitted to expedite some tests that we hoped would help nail down the cause(s) of his nausea issue.  He had another brain scan (still clear...Dr. Young actually said it looked even better than last month's scan) and he had a scope of [...]

Looking Ahead…

By | May 16th, 2018|

Hello all. Mike has been out of the hospital for a little over a week now and has set up shop at Jenny and Ryan's house.  He's doing alright...glad to be out of the hospital with the comforts of "home" around him (ie. Coop dog!), much less pain issues thanks to the pain pump doing it's thang, but still struggling with nausea to the point of not being able to really eat much at all. Yesterday he had an appointment with his oncologist, Dr. Young.  She believes the B-RAF is working based on good shrinkage of his mothership tumor...we'll [...]

Hard, hard news…

By | May 1st, 2018|

Mike was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, April 22nd with fever, nausea, vomiting and loads of pain - side effects from the immunotherapy infusion.  A 5-round course of radiation was ordered to target his main tumor, the mothership, on his back/shoulder which seems to be effecting it's composition.  Also while in the hospital, the doctors ordered a CT scan of his abdominal area to rule out any issues.  What the scan showed was not what any of us wanted to hear.  Numerous tumors had grown in his abdomen.   These were not pseudo tumors that sometimes show up [...]

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