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April 2018

Fever Shmever…

By | April 18th, 2018|

Hi all. Mike had an appointment with his oncologist and completed his 3rd infusion on Monday of this week.  Dr. Young says his side effects, while totally sucky, are normal...which I suppose is what you want to hear, right?  Working on getting the right meds to get his pain under control.  One major side effect has been some all over arthritis and a lot of pain from his tumor and spine lesions which makes for some slow days getting up and at 'em.  He will have a PET scan coming up soon on May 7th.  Docs say it takes [...]

Amazing News…

By | April 11th, 2018|

You guys.  Are you sitting down?  Mike had a follow up brain scan done this morning at St. Dominic's to check up on things in his dome now that radiation is complete, chemo complete and is a few treatments in to his immunotherapy. HIS BRAIN IS CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!! Did you hear me just scream that at the top of my lungs all the way from Indiana?!?!  The lesions that were in his brain are GONE, minus one teeny tiny speck that the doc is fully confident will be on it's way outta there shortly.  Amazingness.  Treatment is working, killing off [...]

March 2018

Immunotherapy Infusion – Round 2

By | March 26th, 2018|

Howdy, all. This morning Mike received his second round of  immunotherapy treatment (the Opdivo/Yervoy cocktail) and had an appointment with his oncologist, Dr. Young.  Young was not surprised about any of the side effects Mike has been dealing with, calling them pretty par for the course.  So that is positive even if his body is feeling whooped up on most days.  Overall a good visit.  Oh, and another positive is that he had his midline removed!  That means no more tubes placed in his arm/chest, etc!!  They are going to try his next infusion just regular IV placed and [...]

Overdue update…

By | March 11th, 2018|

Morning, all. First, THANK YOU for the just completely incredible support you guys have shown!  Special thanks to Fannin Mart Gluckstadt who hosted a Mike Medlock night last week and raised some funds donating a portion of sales for the evening.  So awesome!  Also, thank you to everyone who purchased a #teammikey t-shirt!  Folks will be reppin' Mike strong all over!  We've submitted the order and will let everyone who purchased know when they are in.  The M & M golf tournament will be here before we know it!  Thanks to all who have registered to play in or [...]

February 2018

After the hospital…

By | February 24th, 2018|

Whew. The hospital stay. Nearly 10 days where I pretty much hit rock bottom.   The side effects from chemo and radiation were in full force on top of a wicked MRSA infection and, for a little yet very scary while, sepsis. It literally hurt to open my eyes, let alone move or eat. I lost 26 pounds in the hospital…not like I was a big guy to start with anyways! But I’m strong and with the right cocktail of meds, my body fought off the infection and I started to feel more like myself. By the time I left [...]


By | February 14th, 2018|

As Shelton and I were walking out to our cars tonight from Mike’s hospital room, we stopped and had a conversation in the parking lot.  While we were talking, I was reminded of some notes I took from a sermon Steven Furtick preached a while back.  The overarching theme from his sermon was that “God reserves His greatest glory for our lowest points.” His sermon was rooted in John 21 where Jesus encounters the disciples early one morning after fishing all night and not catching anything.  Jesus calls out to them and tells them to throw their nets out [...]

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