We found out yesterday morning that Mike is no longer septic (PTL!); however, he does in fact have an infection.  He has an MRSA infection (commonly pronounced “mursa”), which if you are not aware is a staph infection that is resistant to a number of different antibiotics.  Now that they know what kind of bacteria they are fighting, his infectious disease doctor has honed in his meds to fight the infection the best way possible.

We also found out yesterday morning that Mike’s port was infected, so Dr. Ley came by to remove it, which throws a wrench into Mike’s second chemo infusion that was to be administered this week on Valentine’s Day.  They took blood again yesterday morning for cultures, and the cultures usually take 3 days to grow. We are praying for clean cultures on Wednesday, which will be Mike’s ticket home.  Because of the infection, Mike will have to do IV antibiotics daily at home for about 2 weeks, so they will be sending him home with a PICC line (similar to a chem port but more temporary).

This morning they got Mike over to the Cancer Center to continue his radiation treatment.  While it wore Mike out to have to get up, get dressed and head over to the Cancer Center, this was good because we want him to continue his radiation treatment so he doesn’t have to start the process over.  The radiation treatment makes him feel kinda crappy – on top of already feeling crappy!

Mike seems to be resting so much better today, and I think they are doing a little bit better job of managing his pain now.  He might not agree with me on that, but we didn’t have any extended conversations about pain today. So I’m going to assume that means they are managing it better.

Mike is still not up for having visitors.  (If you aren’t aware he has been realllllly sick!) He is thankful that so many people are walking with him on this journey, but for now he needs his rest with minimal distractions.  Between his family members, myself and a few other close friends, we are sharing the load and taking good care of him – I can promise you that.  There will be some time in the future for others to visit with Mike.

Sorry for the lack of frequent updates, but as you can imagine life has been really busy lately.  I will try and do a better job of updating as we learn more!  We love all of you, and we are thankful for all of the thoughts and prayers.  We are so ready for Mike to get better, so he can get back to kicking cancer’s butt full-time!!

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