Treatment Begins…

//Treatment Begins…

Treatment Begins…

Hi all! It’s Becky writing today… Mike’s oldest sister for those who don’t know me. I’m currently 10,000 feet in the air flying home from a visit with Mike this weekend. A quick trip to hug him, talk face to face and keep him company. Much needed for both of us!

This past week was big and moved rather quickly. Mike completed his first round of chemo on Wednesday (Jan 24). That same day, he was fitted with his radiation mask (google it…it’s pretty wild). Radiation of the lesions on his brain started on Thursday (Jan 25). He will receive radiation 5 days per week for about a month. Yeah, that’s a helluvalot of trips to the doc in a short span of time. Thankfully these treatments are just a quick 15 minutes as opposed to the 4 hours of chemo infusion. We’ll take our positives where we can, right?

As far as how he feels, he’s doing alright. The chemo and radiation have caused a few minor side effects…mostly a lot of exhaustion and little appetite. This is a guy who does not care to sit still for long and has a special love affair with pizza, so it is hard to see him out of sorts in that respect. But dang he is strong and optimistic…valuable qualities that will carry him through this!!

His second round of chemo falls on Valentine’s Day, Feb 14th. Please keep the mega love, good vibes, happy juju and heap loads of prayers coming at Mike in these coming days and weeks. He feels every bit of it, no doubt. Thank you all!!

PS. Photos below…chemo round one and our inability to take a serious photo 🙂

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