i take the highway to the border
and i lay across the line
because i’ve always wanted to be
two places at one time
two places one time

– The Wood Brothers “Two Places”

from Paradise, released October 2, 2015


Mike’s Story

In May 2016 Mike was diagnosed with Melanoma and had a malignant mole removed from the upper right side of his back.  The surgery was successful, and the outlook moving forward was relatively optimistic.  His 6-month check-up came and went with a clear PET scan and no signs of cancer.

While on a New Years trip to Colorado snowboarding with some friends, Mike started feeling some irritation and discomfort in the area he originally had the malignant mole removed from.  Later that night he discovered a “golf ball sized” tumor on his back.  After returning home, he met with his surgical oncologist Dr. Phillip Ley who immediately identified the tumor as a reoccurrence of Melanoma and subsequently scheduled a PET scan to check and see if the cancer had metastasized.

On Friday, January 12th, Mike got the dreaded phone call from Dr. Ley who informed him that the cancer had spread to his lungs and his spine. On Monday, January 15th, Mike met with his oncologist, Dr. Tammy Young, who informed him that the cancer had also spread to some areas along his pelvis and hips as well as his brain. Mike underwent numerous treatment plans including chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy. After a grueling battle, Mike passed away on July 26, 2018, just seven short months after his diagnosis.