Howdy #teammikey warriors!

I apologize for the LOOOONG overdue update!  Here goes…

Mike is doing well!   I was in the ‘Sip visiting last weekend and it was so so so super great to see Mike still rocking at home, getting stronger, getting up and about, eating, laughing… etcetera, etcetera (cue The King and I, movie buffs!).  He’s been out of the hospital for over a month which is amazing given how up and down things were there for awhile.  He seems to be pretty steady right now.  Mike is still on the TPN bag, hopefully for just a few more weeks at most.  His caloric intake on his own has definitely upped, but he’s got some work to do.  No more weight loss though…he looked like he’d put on a couple pounds to me in the month between my visits!  He does still battle stomach issues and low grade fevers but it doesn’t send him to the hospital like before so I’ll take that as a sign his body is getting stronger.  Evidence below…I took Jenny’s family photos while I was there and Mike trekked out with us!  So, of course, I made him pose for a photo or two 🙂


Mid-June Mike, Jenny and my mom made the trip over to Birmingham to meet with the cancer center at UAB.  It was a good appointment.  We did learn that a new version of the BRAF drug he’s been taking came out at the end of June which is billed to be more effective, longer lasting and maybe less side effects!  So Mike will be starting that as soon as it comes in.  He’ll also have scans done to get a baseline of where his body is at before starting these meds so they can track progress.  What’s awesome is that this pill is BRAND NEW (like approved by the FDA on June 27) so breakthroughs are happening all the time in the melanoma realm.  The doc also postulated that maybe the tumors were growing so fast that his immunotherapy couldn’t keep up, but now that we’ve put a whooping on his tumors with the BRAF that maybe immunotherapy rounds could be attempted again…or a different type of immunotherapy.  There was also talks of a vaccine made with his own cells.  Options are out there, fa sho.

(Some pics snapped in B’ham below)









Let’s talk about the mothership tumor.  It’s not so mothership-ish anymore!  I’m amazed at how much it has changed in the last month…flattened out, not “angry”, and shrinking in as well.  Kudos to Ryan (Jenny’s husband) for his outstanding and meticulous wound care routine!  Not sure if it was the direct radiation he received a couple months ago on the tumor or if it’s the BRAF, but something is killing that biotch!

While I was there, the Knights of Columbus at Mike Sr.’s church put on their annual rump roast/poker night event and donated the proceeds to Mike’s treatment!  Ryan and Mike went and partook in the food and fun.

So, that’s where were at right now.  Holding steady, keeping on…

As always, Mike feels all the goodness and prayers sent his way!  Warrior on!