#teammikey warriors,

Late Monday night, Mike had what I will call an “episode”.  He was incoherent, unable to speak, and kinda delirious (like he’d had a seizure or stroke, but he thankfully had not).  He was admitted to the ICU at the hospital that night.  They cultured his picc line to check for infection (which is pretty protocol).  He did test positive for c diff…not fun…which they have started treating.  The docs gave him a steroid shot for possible swelling on the brain as a cause of the incoherence.  They really weren’t sure what was going on.  There was talk of moving him to hospice for care since he was out of it and not super responsive.

Mike also had a CT scan that first night – it did not reveal what we wanted to hear.  The scan showed cancer lesions growing back in his brain.  Just absolutely crazy considering not even 2 months ago, his brain was clear…what a wicked cancer beast, melanoma.

Thankfully, yesterday evening, Mike “woke up”!  He spoke very very briefly with my mom, knew who he was, who she was, etc., but could not remember how he got to the hospital or any of the events of the last 48 hours.  He is speaking more today and is more coherent, dishing out a few of his notorious Mike grins 🙂  His doctors are pretty surprised and very pleased (as, of course, are we!!!!) He’s been moved out of the ICU and onto the oncology floor!

Early hours of this morning, they did an MRI that confirmed lesion growth.  He is aware of  yet still processing his disease progression and will be kept in the hospital for a few more days…hopefully released home at that point.  Mike has a consult with Dr. Zachow, his oncology radiation doc to assess and discuss any possibilities.  They may try to gamma knife any larger tumors, if applicable.  We’ll know some more after that consult and I’ll try to update asap once we do.

So that’s where we’re at.  It has been an insanely emotional 72 hours.  Mike keeps hitting these valleys, yet somehow he keeps climbing out.  We’re not super sure what the next few hours, days, weeks hold, but always finding hope in the good and strength in Mike’s tenacious warrior spirit!  Garnering all love, prayers, vibes, juju, positivity, energy and endurance for Mikey!