Howdy #teammikey warriors!

Quick update…

I’m happy to report that Mike has been home from the hospital for a week!  He was discharged last Sunday morning!  I was grateful to be around to be able to help get him home  (Jenny’s house) and settled before flying back to Indy.  He was elated to back with his stuff and Coop 🙂  He’s feeling pretty good at this point – the TPN bag is helping keep nutrients flowing in to his system constantly, the nausea is fairly under control, he’s hungry (WOOOT!!) and grazing on some real food throughout the day.  His pain remains under control (they did not change his pain meds after all…the dilaudid is doing it’s job well).  I think a part of that relief is also coming from the fact that his mothership tumor has shrunk so much and is looking better by the day.  He’s been up and about, spending time outside and in Jen’s kitchen which is a nice change from the constant bed ridden weeks he’s had lately!

Later this month, he has a lengthy appointment in Birmingham with the UAB cancer center to see if he’s a good fit for treatment there.  Fingers crossed!!

That’s all for now…short post, but pretty good stuff, folks!



Here are a few recent pictures from hospital and home…

Changing pain pump bag and hooking back up.

Home.  We had a lot of good sibling time 🙂

Sistah is amazing caregiver extraordinaire.  Seriously.  Our rock.

Outside!  Brushing Coop daddy!  This pic brings me joy!