Alright, #teammikey.  Bear with me…

Mike is back in the hospital.  The anti-nausea meds they put him on helped for a few days and he actually did get to eat a few slices of Monicals pizza!!!  Unfortunately, that didn’t last long though and the nausea came creeping back in.  So, on the 21st we had him direct admitted to expedite some tests that we hoped would help nail down the cause(s) of his nausea issue.  He had another brain scan (still clear…Dr. Young actually said it looked even better than last month’s scan) and he had a scope of his GI tract to see if there was an underlying issue there.  They discovered he had lots of inflammation in his esophagus (probably from so much vomming) and a duodenal ulcer.  Treatable things (!!!) so they started him on some meds for that.  His potassium level wavers between critical and low (below 3 is critical) so he’s receiving IV potassium chloride (which he says feels like stinging bees when it disperses…it does something wacky to the nerve endings and hurts).  He also had some blood transfused because his hematocrit was low and some magnesium via IV, as well.  His body is just so super duper out of whack!

In the mean time, nausea still raging to the point where he literally cannot eat.  Like takes a tiny bite of an apple and gags.  Takes a sip of water and retches.  Tries to take a pill and heaves.  Awful and frustrating.   His doctors are trying to remove some meds and change things around to see if that will help.  They talked feeding tube, but went with something called TPN (total parenteral nutrition) – basically they are bypassing his digestive system because it refuses to allow anything to enter and delivering the nutrient solution right in to his veins.  Hopefully this puts a little pep in his step to have some nutrition flowing!!  The man needs some calories!  They are starting that this evening.  Docs are also changing the pain meds in his pain pump…the Dilaudid that he currently is pumping could possibly be another nausea culprit.  This afternoon, he had a lumbar puncture to look at his spinal fluid for cancer cells that may be causing nausea (pathology will be back on that within 24 hours but CSF looking clear so far).  He had to have a new PICC line placed this afternoon, but this one is a 3 for 1 so he can get his pain meds delivered, his TPN delivered and have an “extra” spot for anything as needed.  Dr. Young (oncologist) was in this evening and is ordering a CT scan of his abdomen and pelvis to rule out an obstruction in that area.  Basically trying to cover all the bases to decipher this wicked hard puzzle of nausea relief.  We are clinging to the good news pieces and powering through “maybes” and “what ifs” as they try to get him some level of comfort!  Gotta get this figured out so he can stomach his BRAF pills to keep this cancer at bay.

What a mother effing battle. Mike is pissed and frustrated, but powers on in spite of it all.  I’m headed back down to Mississippi this weekend and will update again soon.  Stay positive and keep sending all the good energy his way.


(Loaded IV stand…and ya can’t even see his pain pump in this pic.)