Mike came home from the hospital on Sunday evening, not in super great shape.  He was still very foggy, slow and confused.  Much to our dismay, he has continued to deteriorate mentally and physically since then…his disease progression too great.  He’s in two places…he’s here, but he’s not. He is refusing to eat, drink or take any of his medicine.  His recognition, what little speech he uses, and motor skills/mobility are depleting.  He is sleeping almost constantly, but seems comfortable with pain controlled.  We decided to admit him to hospice care last night and truly feel we’ve made the right choice.  Mike will remain at my mom’s house, but hospice will handle his palliative care.  The hospice nurse says because he isn’t hydrating, his body will continue to shut down pretty rapidly and doesn’t expect him to live more than a week.  We hope, for his sake, it happens quickly and peacefully.  Mike was very clear in his wishes that he did not want any artificial nutrition or hydration and we plan to honor that fully.

Please, send everything you’ve got to Mike…that he remains comfortable…that he passes in peace, calm and covered in love…for strength for my family as we walk with him to the end.

Much much much love to all of you for your love and support on Mike’s journey.


(Mike sent me this photo 11 days ago.  He was so happy to be fishing on the rez with one of his best friends…said he didn’t catch a thing, but was glad to be out there.  Free, floating and chasing the sunset. Cancer is wicked.)